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Some of the best salmon fishing


 Salmon fly fishing in England

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Palm Springs Salmon Fishery is your best chance of catching an Atlantic Salmon on rod and line, in the last two seasons the average catch was 2.79 per day ticket and 88% of visiting anglers went home with a salmon. It's not the same as traditional salmon angling but if you want to feel a salmon pulling on your line this is the place to visit. Here they have been grown in freshwater and are in the silver, feeding stage of their lives, which means we can fish throughout the year. Fishing techniques are very similar to stillwater trout fishing but it's a more interesting challenge, and you need strong tackle, anglers report that they fight as well and in some cases better than their wild relatives. The lake is fully stocked so there are always salmon present to fish for and ice aside is always fishable. All anglers, especially new visitors, are very welcome and plenty of helpful free advice is available at the start of each day.


Palm Springs is situated near Greetham, Rutland just under 2 hours drive for most English fishermen. Click onto BOOKINGS for availabilty, contact details and gift vouchers. For latest weather near the fishery click WEATHER  Telephone for information and bookings (also see bookings chart on Bookings page)        Palm Springs fishery  01780411427  Ben 0775 948 12550775 948 1255   Email the word 'join' to palm.springs@tiscali.co.uk if you would like emails on news/offers etc. and to know when this site has been updated



Day tickets cost £120. Keep four salmon and fish then catch & release a further 3 up to maximum of 7, more fish can be retained at £4 per pound. Book whole fishery for the day for £800, max 8 anglers (keep 3 only). All tickets must be booked in advance. Lunch not automatically provided. Spring/Summer opening hours 9am-5pm. Winter 9am-4pm. Open from September 2013 to July 2014 see Bookings


Fishery record 15/12/10 34lb 12oz Lee Devonshire  

Greetham Valley Golf Complex

Just a short stroll back along the lane is Greetham Valley Hotel where you can have breakfast, lunch or an evening meal Why not book yourself a short stay at the greetham valley hotel, where you can stay overnight in excellent accommodation

 Or visit  their website at  www.greethamvalley.co.uk to view their full range of facilities



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